This World Will Fade
Every Once in a While My Brain Spits out Stuff

It doesn’t make any sense to feel such pain

Instead of my heart I wish I felt with my brain

All of these emotions just pile one after another

And I can’t help but feel as if I’m losing you as a brother

Such simple words and such simple actions

Turned into so much more for me and for you just a fraction

I regret to write this down for you

Seeing as how you haven’t a clue

But honestly, man, you’re a jerk through and through

I see in you the same ways as my father

So it’s a mystery to me why I even bother

I saw a lost soul that I thought needed fixing

I wanted to be the part of you that I thought you were missing

Alas I was nothing more than a quick onetime thing

But with her you have fallen into a much bigger fling

What is about her, Why not me?

Was I not everything that you needed me to be?

The only difference between the two she and I

Is that she is much more beautiful with a nicer smile

I’ve tried to convince myself that I simply don’t care

But it’s so hard to see you two and not stare

She has what I want or what I thought at the time

That I needed and longed for to be alright

I hope you are happy with the mess you’ve arranged

Because hearts are now broken and lives forever changed… 

Hellooooo, Mr, Sexy

Hellooooo, Mr, Sexy

Rock Bottom

You know you’ve hit rock bottom when there’s nowhere else to go but up… It has been a crap week to say the least.